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Friday, June 23, 2017


Good morning friends.
It is summer.  It is REALLY summer in Florida.
Like many of you, we are sweltering in hot, humid heat.
We have had over a foot of rain in the last two weeks.
When it is like this, I turn into a slug.
I can only stay in one spot and that means reading is just about all I do.
I did have a day of making gellie prints...hundreds of them I think.
I was outside on the lanai and I think my sweat made additional texture to the prints.
So now I have to collage.

This was a "failed" abstract so I covered it with off white paint and started over.
I was quite happy with it and my husband asked why my palm tree was brown.
It does look like a sunflower, doesn't it?

Wishing all a Happy Paint Party Friday!

A tiny little dendrobium bloom appeared this week


  1. Susan it's funny how weather affects us. I never get hot here so I would love to have hot sunny days with no wind. LOL I do love your art this week. Your abstract is alive. I would love to go to a class with you. Maybe the next time I visit my son in FL we could meet up.

  2. The weather is rather crazy here, too, much too hot! Love your sun-flower-palm! Beautiful orchid, too. Keep cool, hugs, Valerie

  3. Crazy weather here in VA too, Susan. Husbands are not the best to show art to, at least mine wasn't. Sometimes I wouldn't even let him see what I was working on. He was all engineer and not a bit artist. He wanted things looking photorealistic. I have that flower. I bought it last summer, kept it alive inside all winter, and have it outside now with the first buds beginning to open.

  4. I can only imagine what it must feel like in Florida during the summer. I love the heat but not so much the humidity. Good for you to get a fresh stack of prints made! I need to do that as I am running out. And your sunflower is really pretty-yes, a sunflower for sure. Happy PPF!

  5. hahaha, I've known that feeling of turning into a slug this past week here in Belgium. I'm a big sun-lover, but even for me it was a bit too much this week. I like your collage, didn't see a palm tree in it but a flower. Could be a sunflower yes :-) Hope it cools down a bit ...

  6. What a fabulous collage! Happy PPF :)

  7. I think your collage is lovely - and the background too. Yes, even in the smaller thumbprint before going into your blog, I saw a sunflower 😊
    I don't care for humidity either!
    Your gorgeous bloom is delightful. Cheers and Happy PPF!

  8. Sorry to hear that you are sufferring with heat. We have here too in the UK But I imagine that you would think it still cool compared to your temperatures. Gelli printing outside sounds a lovely way to spend a hot day and I love what you did with the prints.

  9. Love the geometric feel to the flower. :)

  10. Beautiful..stunning art! I love it..abstract and yet whimsical..a very wonderful energy!
    Happy PPF
    Victoria #38

  11. I love your sunflower and recognized it right away. Beautiful flower too. We have heat the past two weeks but now we have a week of 70's in the forecast and I'm looking forward to lots of outdoor time :)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog ♥

  12. I hear you about the humidity. I live in Houston Tx and though we have had it much dryer than Florida, we are getting our typical humidity for the summer. Yes, your collage looks like a flower. Men have their own ways of seeing things it seems.

  13. Oh I hear you about the heat!! Not a fan of it myself!! Just started here today!! Love your abstract, it's fun and unique!! Yes definitely a beautiful flower!!

    Hugs Giggles

  14. Of course your beautiful card looks like a sunflower! Love hearing how hot Florida is...we're building a winter home there and going down later this week. I love getting my Gelli on but don't do it as often as I'd like. Stay cool!

  15. Lovely sunflower! and it definately does not look as a palm!

  16. It looks like a lovely sunflower to me!


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