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Friday, June 30, 2017

This and that

It has been a busy, busy week at work.
And for whatever reason, I have been busy  creating as well.
I remind my self of the pesky mosquitoes that harass us at this time of year.
I flitter from one medium to another, to another.
I dug out one of my old yupo paper pieces that never worked for me.
I cut off what I didn't like and got out my circle stensils.

We have been working on abstracts at our art center.
This is a frame within a frame.
I was thinking about summers in the sea in Italy.

And these are frames.  I am not sure that this is done.  I think I want to 
stamp letters and/or numbers on it.
I will try it on plastic, lay it over the artwork and see if I like it.

A big thankyou to Kristin and Eva for hosting Paint Party Friday!
I look forward to seeing what everyone is doing.

My bloom this week is Hawaiian ginger.
It smells like heaven and will bloom for about 6 weeks.
Happy PPF!


  1. Beautiful abstracts! I am especially taken with your circle art! The technique looks fantastic and I really like the subtle colours.

  2. beautiful art! I especially love the second one:) And such a pretty flower-I only wish I could smell it too. Happy PPF!

  3. I know the Hawaiian ginger smell must be really heavenly. We don't have a lot of sweet smelling flowers here. Your art work this week is great. I especially like the one with the Yupo circles.

  4. LOVE the abstracts today! Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  5. I so love that first piece. Great composition, and I like the fragility of the marks in the circles. It almost looks like a very thin fabric that's a bit torn. I think the third one would look great with numbers and letters stamped onto it. Have a happy weekend!

  6. So much art going on this week. I really like your abstracts, very nicely done. The circles are my fave this week though. The flower is amazing.

  7. Such a diverse variety! Great job...all beautifully done!! I can almost smell that Hawaiian ginger through the page!! Glorious!!

    Hugs Giggles

  8. Hello Susan, I think your artwork is gorgeous. Your idea of overlaying with plastic is such a goodie... must try.
    The ginger flower is so pretty - it lasts a long time too doesn't it. Cheers... sorry for lateness :D)


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