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Friday, July 21, 2017

Found objects

Happy Paint Party Friday All
and thank you for visiting my site.
This week our local art center class assignment was to bring in "found objects".
We have been working on horizontal composition and so this week we
added decorative bits to our pictures.

Here is my painting with a large bead as the sun, some starfish and some deocrative wire
added to the bottom of the sea.

And then we jump to the desert.
Again, a horizontal composition with bits of copper, milagros and turquoise.

We used gloss medium to adhere the extra bits.
Now I am thinking about the old watches I have from my Mom.
Maybe I could add them to something.
I will have to wait till I have an inspiration
But, if you have one, please share it.
No blooms this week.  We have been hot and humid.  I see lots of buds but no action yet.
I hope the blooms won't rot in all of this moisture.
Thank you for your visit and Happy PPF!


  1. Love your compositions with the found objects added, I especially love the second one. Old watches would be great to use in steampunk type pieces. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  2. these are gorgeous scenes Susan. I love the addition of the objects in each along with those rich thick layers. Happy PPF!

  3. What rich textures! I love the landscapes. These look wonderful and cool with the found objects :)

  4. The seascape is beautiful with all the texture and added items. Also the desert scene. Looks like a lot of fun doing those horizontal compositions. Wish we had some of your moisture. Everything is drying up in central VA.

  5. Great textured pieces ...happy ppf...xx

  6. A great ideaen beautiful landscape!!!
    happy weekend

  7. These are wonderful! Such a celebration of the ocean.

  8. Beautiful sea scenery art!
    Happy PPF xx

  9. I love these! And your found objects are perfect! Happy PPF from No 36 :)

  10. Susan, I love your assemblage art, it looks so vibrant. Thanks so much for your amazing comment on my blog. I can't even imagine teaching at Sketchbook Skool. Hopefully someday I'll be good enough!

  11. Oooh I like the found pieces...they give each piece wonderful the last one with the copper and touches of pink bursting from the background!!

    Hugs Giggles

  12. Very inspiring use of found add on to a painting. I love them. I've never tried this myself.

  13. I really love this. The composition, the colors, and the found objects.


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