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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Intuitive Art???

My word of the year for 2018  is CHALLENGE
(My husband said he hoped that didn't mean that I would be challenging him more than I already do)
I celebrated my 76th birthday in December so am very much aware that I must do what I love while I am lucky enough to be able to do it.  Every day is a gift.
That said, I decided to try some "intuitive painting."
Another stretch for me, for sure.  I am a controller and very structured.  It is very difficult to "Let Go."
I went to the second hand store to buy the canvases so I wouldn't feel I was  wasting money on a good canvas.  I had to keep telling myself to just go for it, I could throw the canvas away and no one would be the wiser.  

Very similar and I think that the shape of the canvas contributed to that.  Will try to find a
square, used one for my next attempt.  This was fun.  Both canvases have 5 0r 6 layers, not counting
the one they came with.  I also used oil pastels and then sprayed the whole thing with a
fixative when I was done.
Wishing all a Happy PPF

These two beauties are blooming on the lanai inspite of our 40 degree weather.


  1. Love your intuitive canvases, it's good to do something new as long as we can. Lovely orchids, too. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  2. Gorgeous canvases! I recently gessoed over a pile of my contrived canvases to do some intuitive work that I've not yet shared! I prefer working that way!it excites me! So you go girl as long as you can! Challenge is a fabulous word! Happy New year!

    Peace Giggles

  3. You succeeded very well with a new style. Your canvases look great. I also like to try something new now and the.
    Happy PPF and weekend ❤

  4. Belated happy birthday to you!!! Powerful word for the year. Hubby's comment made me smile:)
    Your canvases are just gorgeous Susan-you did a fabulous job of playing with colors, layers and mark making! Keep doing these. Happy PPF!

  5. Beautiful canvas artwork Susan and I must admit I had a giggle at your hubby's reaction to your word. Mine would have thought exactly the same thing. The Orchids are beautiful. Mine are flowering here at 7 degrees!
    Happy Belated Birthday and Happy PPF to you πŸ’•πŸŒ 

  6. Oh those are so fun! So much colour with lots of different strokes and textures. I think they look great :)

  7. Lovely 'intuitive' work and gorgeous flowers Susan!

  8. Well you didn't "waste" these canvases at all Susan! I love what you did here! My intuitive canvases sometimes have more than 20 layers on there, so I think you did well with only 5 or 6 ;-) Happy PPF!

  9. Happy belated birthday. These are wonderful pieces of art. Good idea about the thrift store. Beautiful flowers too.

  10. Hi Susan. I enjoyed your post today and reading your bio. I think you look like a natural with intuitive painting. It certainly isn't easy to go from tradition object based paintings to abstract!

  11. Wonderful abstract art and beautiful orchids ~

    Happy Weekend to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  12. Happy belated birthday and you are so right, do what you love no matter what your age, we could be hit by a bus tomorrow.

  13. Great colourful paintings. I love the texture and colours.

  14. What wonderful colorful paintings! The flowers are also so beautiful.

  15. I really love your intuitive paintings! I have some good canvases which I am reluctant to put paint on in case I waste them...funny idea. I must get cracking and do something on them... sometime. I tend to use paper. Best wishes.


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