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Thursday, July 4, 2019

Playing with aluminum foil and paint

It is truly summertime in southwest Florida.
We are hot, hot, hot and we are having daily showers amounting to about 3 inches each shower.
So there is no painting on the lanai.  My sweat drips into the paint and I give up after a few minutes.
So we have studio time at the Art Center each Wednesday afternoon.  There have been seven of us and we are each doing something different.  We share ideas and supplies.
This week I was painting on aluminium foil.  Because I was interested in texture, I rumpled the foil into a ball first and then carefully (it tears!) opened it up and used a brayer to spread it out.
Then I used Elmers Spray glue to attach it to a board.

I used transparent paints and the glow of the foil varies with the light on the painting.

And for the fourth of July my Pot. Mem. Mario Lanza #16 was blooming.  I smelled it before I found the blooms.  They have a beautiful faint sweet scent.

Wishing all a Happy PPF.


Valerie-Jael said...

Your orchid is gorgeous. And I love the foil painting, and will definitely give it a try. Thanks for the inspiration! Happy PPF and have a great weekend, hugs, Valerie

Gillena Cox said...

Oh luv your gorgeous bloom. Hope you had a happy independence day. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Happy PPF


sirkkis said...

What fabulous painting. It's glowing is so beautiful and colors and scenery are amazing.
Orchid is fantastic and it's name 😲 surprise me!
I wish you cooler days and happy 😊 weekend 🌹

Linda Kunsman said...

beautiful painting and that orchid....wish i could smell it too:) Happy PPF! said...

Lovely foil painting. It's great that you get together with friends to share ideas and supplies

Powell River Books said...

Interesting technique with a great result. I'm going to give it a try. - Margy

carol l mckenna said...

Beautiful orchid and what a unique and creative piece of artwork on aluminum foil ~

Happy Day to you,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

peppylady (Dora) said...

Never seen foil use this way. Now I need to google "Art and Craft Project using foil"
Coffee is on

Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations said...

I've not done this for years Susan, we used to cover poor canvas in foil to make use of it by adding texture. You certainly have shown us all what can be created what a magnificent study.. so so beautiful just as Orchid. Happy PPF Hugs Tracey x

NatureFootstep said...

your tree looks very beautiful. I have been thinking of trying aluminum foil but still have not. Maybe next week :)

Sue (this n that) said...

Hello Susan, wow... I'm really inspired to give foil painting a try - your piece is stunning and what a lot of fun producing all that texture and light too. Thanks for explaining the process.
Gosh it sounds so humid there at the moment, but it certainly looks like your orchids are in their element! Gorgeous.
Cheers xx

Courtney said...

Not only does the foil painting sound like fun, it turned out beautifully! I bet it has some amazing texture. I'll have to give that a try sometime. Love your beautiful flower as well...such a gorgeous color!

Tarang Sinha said...

How creative. It's beautiful. Really like the texture. :)

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