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Friday, November 2, 2012

Blc. Marge Putnam is blooming

My lanai is a riot of color right now.  While many of you are preparing for winter,
we in Florida are enjoying the very best time of year.  After a wet, wet 
summer, it is dry now and orchids are blooming.  They are so beautiful, I hesitate
to sketch them for some reason.  Marge Putnam now has about 30 blooms.  Here,
she is just getting started.
Happy PPF


  1. Those are beautiful! How wonderful to have such cool colors and shapes to sketch! Happy PPF!

    Caitlyn (ladyphlogiston)

  2. What a gorgeous orchid painting!
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  3. Beautiful orchid painting. Happy PPF, Annette x

  4. I do love orchids... and this one look stunning... hope we will see many more orchid paintings from you in the next few weeks...xx

  5. Beautiful! Love my orchids too Susan!

  6. 30 blooms? Let's hear it for good old Marge!
    This is a great sketch, I think you should be sketching orchids all day long.

  7. Beautiful delicate painting...

  8. Lovely and glad you drew and painted them. Yesterday I visited my aunt who had an orchid with many many blooms, unfortunately I neglected to count them but I'd never seen anything like it. HPPF!

  9. GORGEOUS! We lived in SW FL for 10 years and your orchids make me miss it...

  10. OH you must be waking up smiling and going to bed smiling with such beauty surrounding you. From the pictures in the next post it looks like yo have a LOT of them! You captured these beautifully.


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