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Tuesday, November 6, 2012


This week Erin provided us with her new tangle, Socc.
I must say it was very zen like to do this tangle (and that is a good thing).
Thanks to Laura for the challenge

A bit of my lanai this week

Pot. Carolina Splendor Krulls Ruby

Cattleya Chocolate Drop
Dendrobium King of Money
Cattleya Marge Putnam

Blc. George King Serendipity
You can see them.   I wish you could smell them.


  1. Great tile, love the tendrils you added. Kind of like the flowers in your other photos.

  2. the flower photos are beautiful. So glad I popped in from PPF-still catching up after losing power for 5 days during the hurricane. I just tried my hand at my first zentangle doodle art for a challenge at Fall Fearless and Fly. I love yours!

  3. Your socc looks lovely, Susan, as do the orchids. Beautiful :)

  4. You made a beautiful Socc tile! Love the photo's.

  5. Your orchid collection is just amazing and so beautiful! I like your challenge entry of SOCC this week. Almost orchid-like with the tendrils reaching out!

  6. I love your tile--great depth, makes it like an optical illusion! Fantastic! Wonderful line work as well! And your orchids are simply beautiful! Wow!!

  7. Your tile is so simple and elegant, it´s zen!!! I loved it.


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