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Friday, November 23, 2012


This week our challenge was to use "zinger".
Being a Holiday weekend for those of us in the States,
there was a bit more to accomplish.
I am one of the very lucky retired ladies whose husband has
taken over the kitchen.
After some negotiation, it was agreed that I could prepare
our Thanksgiving dinner.
When you haven't cooked a full meal in at least six months
it requires getting reacquainted with all of the appliances.
Because carrot cake is one of my husband's favorites,
I decided that would be our dessert.
That meant dealing with the food processor.
My food processor is not user friendly!
It has five pieces that must fit together exactly in order to
grate one carrot.  The trusty old grater was looking pretty 
good by the time I got that "convenience" put together.
The meal was delicious and the carrot cake couldn't have been better.
I hope everyone had a peaceful, thankful day.
We did!
And between you and me, I wouldn't mind playing around in the kitchen
a bit more.  It can be a creative outlet also.


  1. Really like your drawing at the top of this post, what a great pattern. Your carrot cake sounds delicious...(I'm lucky that my husb. cooks too). Guess you could be the Carrot Cake Cook in your household from now

  2. Minimalist, beautiful. I love it :) Glad you got the food processor together - I can't be bothered using mine, I just go for the manual grater :)

  3. Love your grid with the "floral" motif and the Zingers popping out. I love carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, right over!

  4. Yum! Also love the simplicity of the black & white artwork!

  5. This is great, love the simplicity and movement. Great contrast and line work.

  6. The freedom of no string has given you wings to soar!


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