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Thursday, April 4, 2013

A journaling sort of week

My first undertaking this week was to play with my gelli plate.
Whether using my finger or stencils, this is so much fun
and you end up with pile and piles of colored paper.

I know these will be cut up or used as
backgrounds in some future project.
The gelli plate is too much fun and some of
the results are a beautiful surprise!

I have made a concentrated effort to add some pages to my journals.

I always enjoy playing with words.  This is my second journal page with my "word of the year"
s-t-r-e-t-c-h as my subject

And last but not least, I decided to take part in a calendar challenge so this is my first entry.

So, does it sound like I am on steroids?
Well, I am.  My asthma showed up for the first time in two years
so a little prednisone should fix it.  
In the meantime I am running on double time and could eat the paint off the walls
Ooooops, I almost forgot.
I have a book by the couch to scribble in while I watch whatever on TV.
This was last night
I thought my words made an interesting background
I think I am wearing myself out
Happy PPF!!!


  1. Lovely journal pages! I really liked how you have written 'stretch' on the colorful page! Hope your asthma gets under control soon. Take care! Thank you.

  2. Happy PPF. Wonderful array of your art. Love that last sketch especially and who doesn't like playing with the gelli!!! xox

  3. What a wonderful collection of art - you have been busy - I was exhausted just reading your post!! I love the page from the book you keep by the sofa when watching TV - inspired!

  4. Your Journal pages are fantastic. I love your gelli Backgrounds, your flowers and your crearive writing. So many inspirations!
    Happy PPF and hugs

  5. Great journal pages. The backgrounds are awesome. Thank you. Happy PPF!

  6. Love the journal pages! I've been seeing so many beautiful flower paintings, Spring is really in the air!

  7. this post cracked me up-the part about the steroids-one of my dogs had been on them several times and I know what that did to him:)I hope it helps your asthma tho. And look at all these fabulous creations you're turning out with all that extra energy!! Wow!

  8. I love all of this especially the S T R E T C H page. I need to do just that. Adding some pages in my journal would be a good place to get started.

  9. Sorry about the asthma... but what artistic results it brought! I especially like the last "scribble" page. I agree that the words make for an interesting background!

  10. Hi Susan!
    I've been missing my zentangle friends! So good to see you here! Though I have a feeling this could be dangerous...gelli plates and calendar challenges?? Love your flowers and prints and pretty calendar pages! Busy busy girl!

  11. I have loved looking at all your great creations, that "stretch" journal page is so wonderful, I love it! Your April pages look great too!

  12. Love all your creations but the daffodils are my fav. HPPF!

  13. gorgeous yellow flowers!! I also really love the stretch journal page. All those tangles are so fantastic!

  14. The more I read and see of the gelli plate, the more I am tempted to get one. I haven't seen them in the stores in my town, so I need to find out where to get one online. Your papers are beautiful, such joyful colors! Do you use just regular copy paper?

  15. So much fun here! My fav is that stretch page, something I am always attempting o do ... Stretch myself to learn, create, do more!

  16. wow, I just have to do a calendar like that one day. Cool pieces!

  17. Wow, you've been a busy all the artwork you've done...beautiful :)

  18. Lot of energy in your work, love it all. I love the first image.

  19. Love your journal work and your calendar challenge. What a clever idea. HPPF

  20. Very beautiful artwork and journal pages. LOVE your lettering. I wish I could do something like that. :)

  21. Wow! You have been very busy! I love your journal pages...especially the one where you played with the letters.

  22. So now I must get one of them gell plate thingies ;)
    Great works!


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