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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

"Hip to be Square"

Recently I bought a book from the Goodwill Book Store for two reasons:
One, it sounded like it might be interesting and,
Two, because I liked the feel of the paper.
As it turned out, the book was a little too current and explicit for my tastes.
So, it became my doodle book.  When TV gets a little tedious, I whip out my book and doodle away, quite happily
 We were challenged to use a square and because my book has lines and letters to use as guides, I 
decided to use it for my square challenge.
What do you think???


  1. Wow! This turned out beautifully. I've seen several of you guys tangle on old books, and I need to go buy one or two at the second hand store and give it a try.

  2. Love your Tangles and i especially love the fact you're using a book as a sketchbook! I'm a 2nd hand Bookshopp Owner and have thousands of different Books in my hands daily! love the smell of papers :)

    1. The smell AND the feel! Thank you!

  3. How wonderfully creative! I like everything about it!

  4. I really like them, especially the flowers. I keep saying I want to do this with pages from a book, maybe this will get me going. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Love, love, love your idea of drawing in a book! I am going to dig through all of my books to find the one I want to use as my practice pad. Your tangle is great, too! Take care of that asthma and stay inside. Way too much pollen in our neck of the woods. (aka the South)

    Jacque Solomon

  6. That's funny...what a super way to hide to explicit bits!!

  7. What a fabulous idea of something to do with a book that has nice paper but the content doesn't appeal! As a retired Librarian, I'm all for finding another use for a book that has passed it's use as "just a book". Very creative and inspiring!

  8. The book will be filled with beauty as you tangle your way to the finish! What a great journal it will be of your art! I think the square is happy in this format!

  9. Love your book doodles :) Very nice piece for the square challenge, too!

  10. This is really fascinating! The text underneath adds an extra dimension to your Zentangle(s)!

  11. What a really cool idea! I've got to borrow this idea!


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