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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Blind String Challenge

Hello friends!  Thanks for visiting!
This week our challenge was to shut our eyes (and lose control) 
and draw our string.
There is a string in here but I decided to fill in my negative space
for a change.
It definitely gives a different look.
What do you think?
Want to see more?

On a completely different subject (Scattered IS the name of this blog)
I took a couple of Joanne Sharpe classes this past weekend.
What fun!!!  And the classes were jam packed with ideas.
It was also weird (and nice) to finally get to meet some "faces" I had seen on line.
If Joanne is in your city, or even if she isn't, some gals drove four hours to come
to these classes, don't miss her.  She is an amazing teacher and a fun person to be around.

And our class


  1. Your string is very meditative - and I like that.
    Your alphabet is so colourful and happy, it makes me smile.
    Lovely pieces, both!

  2. Love the string...I see cherries and leaves. This sent me all around the drawing, which is great.

  3. Nice job. Like the variations on your flux.

  4. It's beautiful, and your fills add a lot.

  5. Love your fill in-the-spaces tile and your fab alphabet. What fun!

  6. I like your tile!
    The colored background lifts the patterns up.

  7. Your blind string is filled with lovely tangles.

  8. Beautiful tangle... love all the bits in it... that alphabet is just fun!!

  9. Great variation of fillers in Flux!! And I am a Drupe fan, so....!
    In September I will take a free online workshop from Strathmore. Joanne and Jane LaFazio will teach all about Artful Card-Making Techniques. I'm really looking forward to it now I've seen your wonderful alphabet and happy classmates! Thank you for sharing!!


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