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Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Bales is like an old friend.
Our friend Laura at I am the Diva challenged us to use Bales this week.
My plan (which never seems to work in Zentangle) was to do a  monotangle.
Oh well, so much for best laid plans.

And then I was off to my new diversion, my doodlin' dictionary.
After playing with my Copics, I decided to add Bales for a contrast to the color.

Harley uses my art time to catch a snooze.


  1. beautyfull tile the dog to :)

  2. Love your design...and love your dog, he looks SO cute :)

  3. So cute a snoozing Harley!. I like both your drawings. My favorite is the second, I think because of the colors on top of it, and the different variations of filling the bales in one grid.

  4. Great job! Particularly like the Bales with the huge centres in your doodle book :)

  5. Enjoyed your tiles.Oh what a poochie!!

  6. I like the way you framed your Bales.

  7. LOVE your doodles, but Harley takes the cake!


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