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Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Happy Wednesday...Kuke Day

I am loving the new tangle the Diva has challenged us to use this week
Kuke can be easily used alone, like I have here or in big collections.
It is easy to do (love that) and can have dimension to it.
I decided to try and use white marker on black here, not too successfully.
If anyone has a "go to" white marker, I would love to hear about it.
This is a Signo, better than most but still not what I would like.

I had to include a photo of Harley.  What you can't see is how when
he drapes his tail over this footstool, he moves it very slowly and admires it.
Normally it is kept high on his back but on this footstool, he takes time to
appreciate it.
Lesson learned from my dog:  Do I EVER admire anything about myself?
Maybe I should!


  1. I like what you did with Kuke, it's really very pretty.
    Yes, let's learn from our pets.

  2. Nice use of the tangle. I have not had a white gel pen that I think is great. Probably use the gelly roll pen the most. Also have a Signo that I use. Not sure there is anything that will make it look real white unless you let it dry completely and then go over it again.

  3. Kuke looks great in your zendala! Signos are one of the best white markers. I also use Inkssentials (love), Gelly Roll white and Pentel's Sunburst. You can try Sharpie paint pens or even a WiteOut pen but those can get kind of messy. I LOVE Harley's tail and the fact that he sits and admires it--too funny! Such an adorable dog!!!

  4. omg Harley is adorable! And that IS a tail to be proud of!
    For white markers I only want Posca. These are paint pens, and the only "problem" for zentangling is that they are not really really fine-pointed (I think the ultrafine one is about 0.8). But they are the only really white pens I've ever come across, and I've tried many ....


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