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Saturday, May 18, 2013

My doodlin' dictionary

In a previous post I had mentioned a book that I enjoyed doodling in while
"watching" TV.
The book is almost full and I have had it in my mind that a dictionary would provide
an interesting background for my doodles,
 and I might increase my vocabulary in the process.
I headed off to our local Goodwill Bookstore in search of the right dictionary.
I needed to be the right size and the paper had to "feel" right.
I found one published in 1984...right size and right feel.
It came home with me and was immediately dressed in Duck Tape
I then glued pages together to give them more body and to reduce bleed thru.

My doodlin' dictionary and I are ready for a test drive.


  1. That's a great idea for a doodle book. I know what you mean about getting the right paper, I've bought notebooks that just haven't felt to find a book you love to use is great.

  2. that dictionary was just waiting for you to find it! looks great!

  3. Love it, are those pastels? like the colours. Happy PPF.

  4. Great idea! It looks gorgeous.

  5. Great idea, Susan. Nice way to use an old book, too, that nobody really wants.

  6. Your doodling is a work of art. I like this idea of using the old books.

  7. I love that you reused a book, instead of buying a brand new one! I can never sit down to watch tv, either..have to be doing something or I fall asleep! lol

  8. oh wonderful!!!!!!!!! :D Thank you for your visit to my blog. :)


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