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Friday, May 24, 2013

Better late than never...

Ebony and Ivory

This has been one of THOSE weeks.

Months ago I posted about my passion vine growing on an arbor
to protect some of my orchids
It was totally infested with caterpillars and I was being a good guy
and did not use any insecticide but let the squirmy things eat
the plant down to a skeleton in hopes that I would
have an equal amount of butterflies.

Finally this week a pair of Gulf Fritillary (had to look that one up) butterflies arrived.
And you know what I think...I think those two will make and lay eggs again.
And I will have thousands of caterpillars chewing their way through my vine,
to attract TWO butterflies.
There is something wrong with this picture!
Happy PPF!


  1. Really nice butterfly, and the black and white in your next post is perfect for this challenge as well.

  2. Susan, thanks for stopping by Sunshine & Lollipops! Came over to see your drawings and I love the idea that you used an old dictionary for drawing! Great idea. I'm your newest follower too! Come back over anytime!

  3. Wonderful butterflies! Just in time for summer!! :)
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  4. heee another butterfly ...I love yours!

  5. terrific butterflies. Happy PPF, Annette x

  6. sorry the caterpillars had to destroy your plant but you've created two gorgeous butterflies!

  7. Good contrast in your use of the black and white.

  8. Oh yes... that's the problem with the passion vine :o( But it is only one kind of them, if you find the red with larger leaves, they do not attract the moths, it is the purple ones with the 3 point leaves.
    Nice butterfly art! Happy PPF

  9. Sorry about your vine, but you got two marvellous butterfly pictures out of it. Lovely work.

  10. We are constantly learning from nature, I hope your vine survives and your butterflies are delightful!

  11. I sooo get this! I too have lost plants to the caterpillars that I allowed to eat away! lol Now...I have to admit that I don't allow it. I spray stuff that makes them not come close, so the stuff that kills them. Let them go eat somewhere else! Ha

  12. What a beautiful butterfly!!! Great contrast.

  13. I love your butterflies. And I hope you find a way to deter the caterpillars (but I love butterflies in my yard!) There must be an organic way to deter them....

    Kirstin x

  14. Quite a dilemma: destroy the caterpillars and forgo the butterflies or attract the butterflies and give up any hope of flowers on the Passion vine. Wish I had such dilemma, since we can't grow such plants outdoors and living in town never see a butterfly.


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